Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poetry session: A report (May 24th)

On May 24th, we had a get together to appreciate and enjoy Hindi literature।
- Rukmini recited few of her heartfelt ghazals। And one by Shakeel Badaayuni
- Nihit sang his composition which recounted how he longed for his wife while she was away back home in India। He also read "Kutte" written by Faiz Ahmad Faiz
- Sher read few sher's from shaayari lifted from the internet। He also read Kaka Hatharasi's "motiabind" and "Masoori ki sair"
- Rita recited a beautiful nazm “Qaidi #786” from Veer-Zara. And also a ghazal "saamane hai jo use log buraa kahate hai.n" written by Sudarshan Faakir
- Manju read inspiring incidents from the life of Baa and Bapu।
- Santosh sang his chhands on Ram and Krishna
- Abhinav read his new poems and then sang his evergreen creation "Valentine"
- Farha read her own brand new poetry - one in response to my Long Weekend poem। Another one was addressed to Abhinav. And then she had two additional beautiful ghazals.
- I read following:

भूलते नहीं हम
मैं आरगेनिक नहीं हूँ
मेरे नाना
मेरा 6 साल का बेटा
मैं बहता दरिया
कोई अपना
लांग वीकेंड

- Sanjeev K sang Jagjit's popular number "Ye daulat bhii le lo" written by Sudarshan Faakir.
- Pradeep sang Hemant Kumar classic "Tum Pukar Lo" and other bollywood greats.
- Hemant sang SD Burman Classic "musaafir jaaegaa kahaaN"
- Soumya sang a ghazal from Jagjit Singh and then "paa.nv chhu lene do" and "ghungharuu kii tarah"
- Pushpa A sang Ghalib's ghazal "Dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai"

Next session is on June 28th and I expect the same local artists (Rukmini, Farha, Abhinav, Santosh, Nihit, Soumya, Rita, Sher) to attend, in addition to other local talent such as Aniruddh, Sanjeev S, Chandana Dixit, Vikas Gupta, Shivam, Govind, Jay, Subhash and Pushpa Saxena।

Best regards
A picture may be worth a thousand words। But mere words can inspire millions.

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