Monday, March 10, 2008

Next Session on March 22nd

Admission: FREE
Event Date/Time: Saturday, March 22nd:, 4pm
Host: Rahul Upadhyaya (
Address: 20641 NE 30Th CT, Sammamish, WA 98074
Phone: 425-898-9325 Home 425-445-0827 Cell

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Dear All

You are cordially invited to the next session of this monthly series where local Hindi (and Urdu and sister dialects such as Brij, Avadhi etc.) enthusiasts gather to read either their own writing or a work of literature from their favorite author/poet. It is a cozy family atmosphere where every family member is welcome – from kids to grandparents. To bring food for potluck is optional. There is plenty of food to feed everyone.

See report of the session held on Feb 23rd at the end of this message.

4pm – 5pm: Arrival/Introductions
5pm-7pm: Kavi Sammelan
7pm-9pm: Potluck dinner
9pm- ?: Kavi Sammelan/Gaana-bajaana?

Anyone and everyone is welcome, who is interested in reading, writing or just plain listening to Hindi literature.

here are some of my poems on topics such as:
1. US Elections
2. Crowd Pleasers
3. NRI
4. Digital Age
5. Hinglish
6. Relationships
7. Fun
8. Riddles
9. Intense

.. and others.

Best regards
A picture may be worth a thousand words. But mere words can inspire millions.

Report of last session:

On Feb 23rd, we had a get together to appreciate and enjoy Hindi literature.

- Rita read sher-o-shaayari from “Hum Aap ke hai.n kaun” and a beautiful nazm “Qaidi #786” from Veer-Zaara
- Manju read Kaka Hatharasi’s hilarious poetry – Top kaa license, Bu.Dhaape kaa ishq, and Chamachaa
- Manju also read Nida Fazli’s ghazals
- Soumya sang Nida Fazli’s ghazal “kabhii kisii ko muqammal” (I read the parody).
- Sanjeev Sharma read two of his touching poems. And then he presented them as songs that were composed and directed by him and sung by his wife, Chandrika Dixit, a Bollywood singer
- Vikas Gupta read his own poems as well as a hilarious Haryanvi poem, Dhanno, written by Mukesh Ashq
- Santosh Kumar Pal read (sang) his poem on Krishna and Sudama and then sang some chhands by Rasakhan
- I read following five poems:
1. Sanskriti
2. Taraqqi ki side-effects
3. 24/7
4. Amar Prem
5. Irony aur viDambana

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