Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poetry session: A report (March 22nd)

On Mar 22nd, we had a get together to appreciate and enjoy Hindi literature.

- Manish rendered Gurdas Mann’s loveable ode to the days gone by and the decadence of the present
- Shivam gave a fresh outlook on life through – Do chaar din kii guftagu
- Rukmini recited few of her heartfelt ghazals. Later, on CD, we heard the same ghazals sung by Anup Jalota.
- Sanjeev read his poem on Kashmir. This poem is also available on a CD, music by Sanjeev himself.
- Subhash read Shail Chaturvedi’s poem and soulfully rendered my parodies – na kisii ke BLOG par LINKED huu.N; and “aa lauT ke aajaa NRI
- Soumya beautifully sang Sahir’s ghazal – Dekha hai zindagi ko; and the evergreen song - Abhi Na jaao chho.D kar
- Shakun presented Neeraj’s immortal poem - ab to majahab koi
- Govind read his own poem and presented Mahendra Ajnabi’s poem Chaar bhoot
- Farah presented beautiful shers from the works of Bashir Badr
- Rita recited a beautiful nazm “Qaidi #786” from Veer-Zaara
- Manju read Kaka Hathrasi’s hilarious poetry – “rail me.n saa.np”
- Jay gave great renditions of raag malkauns and raag malhar
- Abhinav read a funny parody, a poem on the fallouts of success, and sang a beautiful and hummable song “zindagii ek aam kaa pe.D hai”
- I read following poems
1. Maatra maatraa kaa antar
2. Kalank
3. mrigatrishNaa
4. mahal ek ret kaa
5. mahatv sudaamaa hone kaa
6. manaao Holi, manaao St. Patrick’s Day
- Program ended with a lively antaakSharii

Next session is on April 26th and I expect the same local artists (Abhinav, Shivam, Sanjeev, Govind, Rukmini, Jay, Soumya, Subhash) to attend, in addition to other local talent such as Chandana Dixit, Vikas Gupta, Santosh Pal, and Pushpa Saxena.

This report and the details for the next session can also be accessed online and on-demand.

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